The Junior Award Scheme for Schools(JASS) is an accredited award for young people and serves as a precursor to the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Program.  

This program is well received in UK and has multiple benefits of engaging children and youth at an early age. It is flexible and adaptable to the abilities of young participants, as well as matching the goals of their school curriculum. This program is open to youth from the age of 5 years to 13 years and consists of 4 sections:

  • My Interests - developing a passion towards learning a new skill

  • Get Active, Stay Active - taking part in any sport or physical activity

  • Me and My World - Giving back to the local community

  • Adventure - outdoor activity and learning, including team work and problem solving

This program is delivered through youth leaders who are pursuing Duke of Edinburgh’s program and under the supervision and mentorship of YLSBC adult leaders, and parents. Through this approach young leaders hone their leadership skills and strengthen their community service commitment.

Parents interested in enrolling children under JASS program can contact us.