Public Speaking Sessions and Contest

Some believe that public speaking is the number one fear among people. Every day brings a host of opportunities that require public speaking skills. 

A layout of the program and all the categories that come under it.

A layout of the program and all the categories that come under it.


Through its Public Speaking Program, YLSBC empowers its members (12 years old age and older) with the ability to become articulate and confident in expressing their ideas. The bi-weekly sessions prepare members for an open public speaking contest where the winning contestants receive bursaries and numerous awards for their post-secondary education. 

Open Public Speaking Contest is held every May and is open to all BC Students. The contest dates will be announced soon.

External Programs recommended by YLSBC

BC Youth Parliament

As part of the Public Speaking Program, members are encouraged to join the British Columbia Youth Parliament. This provides them with an opportunity to not only enhance their public speaking skills but also increase their understanding of the Canadian legislative process, levels of government and the constitution. 

The British Columbia Youth Parliament will be holding it's 90th Session from December 27th to the 31st and applications are now available. YLSBC members have attended this program in the past and have had a wonderful experience. They were able to make many new friends and had the opportunity to participate in many compelling debates.

 Model United Nations

As part of the public speaking training, members are encouraged to join the YLSBC’s Model UN Conference (MUN). This program provides them with an opportunity learn about the UN process of debating complex issues while honing their public speaking skills. Our third MUN conference is scheduled for March 10, 2019. Applications for Secretariate and Staff positions for 2019 conference will be opened soon.

Our long term goal is to prepare a team to participate in Global MUN Conference in New York City in 2020.

Learn more about YLSBC's Model UN program. 


The Public Speaking program has taught me the art of speaking confidently in front of a big crowd. It has inspired me to convey ideas effectively and has made me a better person.
— -Aditya, Participant
My son started out as a shy person, not sure of what he wanted to say and definitely not how to express. Working through bi-weekly sessions of the program, he not only learned to research and write speeches but also presenting them to smaller groups and eventually to much larger audience. I am really pleased that he went through this program and got skills under his belt that will help not just through through his education but remainder of his life.
— Kamal, Parent
The program was very well designed. It was fit for youth of different ages. It was the best introduction to Public Speaking for my son in his formative years, which helped him find his comfort level and self-confidence at a gradual pace. The group met once in two weeks, which was perfect frequency for the course - not too often and not too late. The assignments were not difficult, yet challenged the students to come mentally prepared for the class. There were three people involved as instructors or assistants, which helped the students learn multiple aspects of speaking. The topics and format varied every session, which kept their bright minds involved and interested. Some topics, such as UN Panel discussion on a current international affairs issue developing at the time in Russia-Ukraine, were most interesting.
— Sanjeev, Parent
BC Youth Parliament is a wonderful opportunity to meet other youth, make friends, debate legislation, debate issues that are close to you and to have fun! I’ve been a member for over 3 years and I’ve had an incredible experience, I was able to make many of friends and had the opportunity to participate in many compelling debates, service opportunities, and fundraisers
— Shiv Narayan, Participant