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We offer several different programs to cultivate youth's innate abilities. Click on the button to learn more about a program

The youth adventure program consists of two similar and yet unique programs know as the Duke of Edinburgh's International award and the JASS program. These programs greatly help in developing self responsibility and also allow youth to harness leadership skills which they can use in various settings such as their school, community and the world.

These programs are open to youth 5 years-24 years old.

A three tier leadership program whose goal is to empowers youth with the ability to identify their vision, establish achievable goals and lead themselves and others towards success. This program is open to youth 13 -21 years old. 

The Public Speaking program empowers youth with the ability to express their ideas in an effective and concise manner. This program is open to youth 12-21 years old. 

Community service is an integral part of YLSBC. This program provides its members the opportunity to work with local and international charitable organizations.

Members participate in talks and workshops from young professional who share their experience and provide guidance. This program is open to high school students. 

Take a look at our program calendar for details about the monthly activities.