Internal Programs by YLSBC

Workshops and projects

YLSBC offers a three tier leadership program to members 13 years of age and older. The goal of the program is to: 

  • empowers youth with the ability to identify their vision

  • establish achievable goals

  • lead themselves and others towards success

Members are provided opportunities to attend workshops and monthly sessions. In order to graduate from the program, they are required to complete and present their community service project. This program is only open to those who receive an invitation from YLSBC

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Youth Leadership Challenge

This is a new event to foster civic engagement among youth scheduled for Saturday April 27, 2019. The event is a challenge which consists of three core activities focused on developing team work, overcome physical challenges and team engagement in discussing youth related issue and offer solutions. Teams will make a presentation of their proposed solutions to a panel of elected officials who could consider these solutions while making policy that affects our youth. The event is open to anyone BC student in grade 11 and 12. All participants will be honored with awards and recognition.

External Programs Recommended by YLSBC

BC Association of Student Activity Advisors (BCASAA)

As part of their leadership training, members are encouraged to attend annual student leadership conferences organized by the BC Association of Student Activity Advisors (BCASAA).

The BC Student Leadership Conference will be happening again on October 18. YSLBC members have attended the past conferences and will be attending this year as well.

Canadian Student Leadership Association

Members are encouraged to attend the annual conference organized by the Canadian Student Leadership Association (CSLA). 

Members from our organization have attended CSLC 2018 and had a wonderful experience. They were engaged in exciting conference sessions as well as fun activities. Take a look at the videos to gain a better understanding of CSLC in action!

Members are also encouraged to participate in the Oriole Youth Adventure Challenge (Oriole YAC) which is a partnership between CSLA and the Royal Navy. Oriole YAC is a 5-day leadership program aboard the HMCS Oriole in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Each year, fifteen youth are selected from across Canada to learn team building and leadership skills often under tough conditions at sea.

YLSBC has also forged a partnership with CSLA to recognize Canadian student leaders in British Columbia. The Canadian Student Leadership Award is the highest recognition CSLA gives to students for exemplary contributions in the area of Student Leadership. 


Civic Leadership

YLSBC also offers other external programs that play a pivotal role in developing civic leadership skills such as being in the PM’s council or participating in programs outside of BC. To know more, please click the link below.


These programs combine learning with fun and adventure, which makes it a great learning experience! The programs have taught Subbu the importance of team work, discipline, and dedication, which are life lessons that would guide him and lead him throughout.
— Srinivas and Rama, Parents