Community Service

YLSBC believes that society flourishes when its members contribute to it selflessly and with passion. It is not the cause or reason for service but the intent behind it that is important. YLSBC has partnered with following organizations to serve local and international communities. 

Me to We

As a registered WE School, YLSBC is authorized to undertake local and global initiatives outlined by the WE Schools program. YLSBC's members have chosen to eliminate hunger of kids as their local initiative and provide clean water to natives of Kenya, as their global initiative. For the local initiative, activities such as fundraising and school breakfast program for the needy children is underway. For the global initiative, YLSBC raised funds through its first Coquitlam Crunch Challenge held in April 2016. The funds were donate to ME to WE for their clean water project in Kenya. 

 Every year, WE Day brings together 22,000 like-minded youth at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. Some of the past WE Day speakers were the Dalai Lama, Selena Gomez and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Hope for Freedom Society



YLSBC has partnered with Coquitlam-based Hope for Freedom Society, which provides a variety of outreach and professional services to support individuals and families who are challenged by family breakdown, illness, job loss, addiction, or poverty. YLSBC's members and their families have joined Hope for Freedom Society's Meals Program and regularly serve cooked food to those in need. 





Amateur Radio and Emergency Prepardness

 YLSBC has partnered with Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Society (C.A.R.E.S.S) and the city of Coquitlam’s Emergency Management Team to educate and trains youth in Emergency Communication & Preparedness. The goal of the program is for the youth to obtain a Ham Radio operators’ license through Industry Canada and become members of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC). The youth plan to assemble emergency kits as per the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) guidelines and hold workshops at their schools, in their community and with family members on emergency preparedness.


When I first joined YLSBC, I had thought that I would be part of programs only designed to enhance my academics. Soon enough, I found out that not only would I be taking a step forward in education but also, I had the chance to be a valuable asset to my community. I seized the opportunity and took part in a soup kitchen where I and others from YLSBC prepared and served food to those in need. From there, I went on and volunteered at the Sun Run; YLSBC was part of the radio and communications team. I hope to take part in more events such as these and give back to my community.
— Sid, Participant