The Youth Leadership Society of British Columbia is creating some amazing opportunities for today’s youth. Our kids are able to associate with some of the brightest minds. The environment and management running the programs foster a learning culture building young leaders for tomorrow. We appreciate & thank the management team of YLS for their extraordinary commitment, time and selfless approach in building this organization.
— Krish, Parent

Youth to Youth Talks

I liked how we get to use the information and adapt it to our personal experiences.”

”Excellent explanations and first hand experienced knowledge transfer.”

”Good interaction by the presenter and participants. Speaker was able to connect with all age groups. The activities made the program interesting.”

”Things that were presented came from personal experience, really thorough.”

”The speaker talked about creating beyond impossible, the kind of thing leaders do.
— Comments from Participants
Speaker is a successful and experienced person. His experience and knowing the real world with good examples made a difference.”

”Have more of these sessions to inspire youth to lead them into the right path of their life.
— Comments from Parents

Youth Leadership

These programs combine learning with fun and adventure, which makes it a great learning experience! The programs have taught Subbu the importance of team work, discipline, and dedication, which are life lessons that would guide him and lead him throughout.
— Srinivas and Rama, Parents

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking program has taught me the art of speaking confidently in front of a big crowd. It has inspired me to convey ideas effectively and has made me a better person.
— Aditya, Participant
The program was very well designed. It was fit for youth of different ages. It was the best introduction to Public Speaking for my son in his formative years, which helped him find his comfort level and self-confidence at a gradual pace. The group met once in two weeks, which was perfect frequency for the course - not too often and not too late. The assignments were not difficult, yet challenged the students to come mentally prepared for the class. There were three people involved as instructors or assistants, which helped the students learn multiple aspects of speaking. The topics and format varied every session, which kept their bright minds involved and interested. Some topics, such as UN Panel discussion on a current international affairs issue developing at the time in Russia-Ukraine, were most interesting.
— Sanjeev, Parent

Duke of Edinburgh's Awards

The program has helped me greatly improve upon my social and organizational skills, and through the program’s well rounded expectations, I have managed to grow more as a person in every aspect. Moreover, the team of volunteers … make everyone feel welcome and do their best to help and ensure that all of the participants feel comfortable in their surroundings. The Duke of Edinburgh program is highly beneficial in every aspect and ...will create memories and bonds that last a lifetime.
— Keerthana, Silver Level Participant
The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program enabled me to rethink what motivation, challenge, and determination mean. It taught me that when you put your fears behind you and take a step out of your comfort zone, you may fall, but you’ll get back up and accomplish something bigger. My Duke of Ed experience inspired me to meet new people and take risks...I’ve learned many important skills and met a variety of people, leading me to believe that my memories formed in Duke will last a lifetime.
— Griha, Gold Level Participant
The Duke of Ed program has benefited me both, as a physical and a mental character. It has taught me many life skills, and established life-long memories for me. The Duke of Ed program shows you how to be a leader, and gives you real-life situations where without leadership, you would not be able to survive.
— Aditya, Bronze Level Participant
Initially we did have some hesitations regarding the Duke Program. Once we came to know about the program we felt that it is the best thing that could have ever happened to our daughter. She gained a lot of experiences a participant, a mentor and a leader. Her organizational skills have improved, she is becoming a people’s person and is able handle any situation with a lot of maturity.
— Gnaneswari, Parent
We are very happy and proud to be a part of this program as it has brought out the best in our kids. It has taught them how to challenge themselves and be successful in many situations by being self-motivated, learning the leadership qualities and responsibilities, and give back to the community. Thanks to the leaders and volunteers for guiding our kids to achieve great heights.
— Ganesh and Priya, Parents